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Available for most guitar models

A guitar with TronicalTune looks the same, feels the same, plays the same and rocks the same – it’s just always in tune.  Perfect for home, studio and gigging.  Rock longer with the fast and accurate tuning system, tuning your guitar in about 5 seconds and 2 strums.

James Durbin

Stephen Gibb

Benn Suede

Sandro Giampietro

Guthrie Govan

Kryz Reid

Jesse Johnson

Axel Ritt

Sergey Vishnyakov

Dave Linsk

June Hyung Park

Devin King

Paul Pesco

Chas Sanford

Cindy Alexander

Kyle Keiderling

Christian Lee

Ward Williams


Jude Gold

Josh Bradford

Pierre “Keule” Blesse

Jamie Dunno

Tiffany Vicky Chan


Jon Foreman

Kangto Lee

Sebastian Niklaus

Tim Wheeler

Eddie Ojeda

Jeff Waters

Chris Laut

Giovanni Weiß

Christofer Johnssonn

Jared Roberts

Rock / Kim Soo Han

Doyle Bramhall II

Otto Waalkes

Nathan McFarland

Loomis Connell Green


Sungha Jung

Walk Off The Earth

Rudolf Schenker

Uli Jon Roth

Kurt Rosenwinkel

Jennifer Batten

Jan Akkerman

Greg Johnson

Tony Clarkin

Tom Williams

Jeff Pevar

Douglas Blair