Game-Changing Polyphonic Clip Tuner

Powertune is the most advanced Tuner that we ever built. The polyphonic technology analyses all of the 6 strings at once - instantly - Fascinating technology allows you to save different tunings – Powertune - Your small personal assistant.

Release date

Connect your Smart Phone with your Powertune

Intuitive interface
It was never easier to tune a guitar. The app shows you in real time how each string is tuned.

Fully Customizable
Now you can create your own tuning or use predefined tunings - There is no limit and you decide to which tuning your Powertune is synchronized to.

Bluetooth Smart
No more cables needed. Connect the PowertuneApp via Bluetooth smart technology wirelessly with your Powertune.
Integrated Quick Charger Technology
Powertune weighs less than 50 grams.
You don't realize it’s there.
Recharge your Powertune simply with the micro USB cable that you are using for your cell phone or your computer. Or use a power Bank.

High Contrast Color Display

Your Powertune shows intuitively which strings are tuned - even if you actually don't need to take care of.


You can remove Powertune at any time. – Easily. It magnetically connects to the headstock of the guitar - no plug needed