TronicalTune PLUS Set Type C Chrome Tulip

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TronicalTune PLUS Set Type C Chrome Tulip

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An outstanding much improved product!
I don't know where to start my experience with the tronical system and the company has been excellent.

Right off the bat I expressed some concerns with protecting my purchase because it was out of the country. Not only did tronical respond immediately to my concerns but they got my custom order from Germany to the Northeast United States in two days!

The install was a snap on my Stratocaster and I was playing in alternate tunings within an hour of receiving the product. I did a lot of research before I bought this system and had talked with people who had bought a prior generation of the tronical system. It seems like the major complaints or that you could not tune in a noisy environment. I have had my tronical tuners now for about 2 months and have played quite a few shows and rehearsals with it and I can say there are no issues with tuning no matter how noisy the environment.

One of my other concerns were that the intonation of the bridge would not hold going from tuning to tuning.
I can say that is not an issue either.

Being a left-handed player I longed for a time when I could play in different tunings without carrying four or five guitars with me. I sent letters and emails to the company that makes the Variax almost begging them to release a left-handed model with no success. They ignored me and never even sent a reply.

The tronical system has been a godsend to me and I am not even using hyperbole.

Review by Bob

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