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TronicalTune PLUS Set Type C Black Tulip

I recently purchased my third Tronical set, this time for an American Standard Telecaster. Obviously, having purchased sets previously for another Tele and for a Taylor acoustic guitar, I'm a fan and a believer in the product. What was noteworthy about this most recent purchase is the price - I paid about 80% MORE (happily, I might add) for my first Tronical (for the Taylor). When I learned the new set for my Tele could be had - including shipping and duties - for under $200 I was delighted, and when it arrived from Hamburg in about three days I was completely floored! I quickly recovered, placed the order, and all has been well since. The ability to quickly change tunings offers obvious facility in a live setting, but it really spurs creativity and interest when practicing, noodling and looking for inspiration. From my first experience with Tronical two years ago I have been left with the impression of a product that works precisely as advertised if simple installation and care instructions are followed. The web site, manual and accompanying support documentation are clear and self-explanatory. Purchasing, installing and using the Tronical system has been a wonderful experience for me all the way around. I could not be happier or more impressed with the product. Bravo! Now if they could just come up with a system for my slot-head Martin...!