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Great Tuner for Young/Old/Beginner/Advanced players
by Maq on 04/22/2017

Look, I bought one of the first Gibson Les Paul Studio's in 2015 with the GeForce system., all of a sudden Gibson or Guitar Center was taking them all off? Why?? I loved mine and kept it. I'm not a computer Geek, but I'm not stupid enough to start using it without reading the manual. In fact I read it 4 times and made myself a cheat sheet of the most important items to me. (A suggestion that I wrote to Gibson a few times) For some reason Guitar players correlated self tuning with "I don't have to read the manual". This tuner is fabulous. It does everything it says it will do and more. I don't use fast tune much.. I adjust mine for most accuracy and take an extra few seconds to tune each string separately.. It is extremely accurate, easy to use, AND FUN to experiment with custom or odd tunings. But for Pete's sake, you have to read the manual. All 29 pages. (try at least two times, it's worth it) Maybe it should come with a DVD for those that can't read??? Seriously learn to use it and it will save you loads of time and be more accurate!!!! than your own ears...

This is a very good stuff for quickly tune!
by Marcelo on 03/31/2017

Nice stuff! have a precision for tune the guitar strings

High quality product. I am planning on buying another for a second guitar.
by David on 03/28/2017

Very happy with the purchase. Just be sure and read the manual thoroughly when installing the unit and using it initially. This is a real time saver. The tuning seems accurate to my ear.

Great product and service is outstanding. Would recommend to anyone
by Jack on 03/08/2017

Love the tuners. This is my second third set of tronical tuners and they work perfectly.; great for rapid tuning in between songs. I play an American Telecaster red with black pick guard and these black tuners look awesome with it.

Great if you're playing songs requiring alternate tuning.
by Peter on 03/06/2017

Used to play contemporary guitar tunes, many in alternate tuning but got so tired of retuning so gradually gave up most of them, With the TronicalTune it is so easy to change tuning that it si time to start playing them again. Too soon for me to tell how the quality is over time but so far it is good.

Tronical tuning system
by Izzy on 03/03/2017

I have them on three of my guitars and I love em.

Killing Product
by Jesse J. on 02/28/2017

Life saver for me!!!!!!!!!!

Solid. Works as advertised.
by Larry on 02/26/2017

It works well, I wish it were faster (you can't change tunings during a song - for example - during a 12 bar break) , but it works as advertised. I've bought one - will probably buy another.

Good product for quick gig key changes if youre a SIX STRING PLAYER
by Rick N. Backer 12 on 02/15/2017

OK for a 6, but lets see a model for a 12 string acoustic! Bet you can't come up with one! LOL (I'd buy one if you had it for a 12 string)...............

I'm really licking the unit!
by Ken on 02/06/2017

The price is good, but shipping is very pricey. TronicalTune ships very fast!

by N. Roberts

Just received my Tronical tune for my Gibson 345 (BB King) and so far I am very pleased with it. It was very easy to install. I did have a problem with one of the bass roboheads, but Tronical has been very fast to send out a replacement part, so the customer service has been excellent. I am excited to figure out how to use all the different tunings. I had wanted gold tuners and had sent a request for them but I guess it got overlooked and ended up with chrome instead. No big deal but if you want gold make sure you get confirmation. I'll probably end up buying one for my Gibson Blues King.

Damn, I wish I cou
by Sarah

Damn, I wish I could play like that . He reached into his guatir case, gave me a pack of strings and said, you can, go practice . I had a old cheap flat top and I went home and practiced. A few months later my beautiful lady friend bought me a Yamaha F335 for Christmas. As a arthritis sufferer, this made playing alot easier. I subscribed to a couple of guatir magazines and found that Acoustic Guitar had songs with the chord diagrams. I can't read music so If I don't know the melody I'm stuck. In the past 3 years I have increased my song list to around 30 songs, mostly blues stuff as that is the type of music I enjoy. Some Stevie Ray etc I came across your website and was excited to find your 3 Christmas songs in 3 minutes video. I now have some Christmas songs to play at our next get together. I look forward to learning many more with your help. ThankYou, Marty Conquest , Hudson, Ma P.S. As a male I feel compelled to add that your quite easy on the eyes also ..LOL

Awesome Tuner
by Billy J.

Works great! Also have a Les Paul Robot and find this model easier to use. You won't want to go back to manual tuning.

This tech makes alternate tunings on guitar CONVENIENT!
by Scott

I am a casual guitar user and know many songs that require alternate tunings -and let me tell you friends, as a lazy man, I am not ashamed to say that sometimes the chore of retuning the guitar just to play one song simply wasn't worth the trouble. I had become complacent with E standard tuned "close enough." It's as if they created this product just for me! You're playing in Keith Richards open G and then -wham- twenty seconds later you're in Hendrix E flat. You push the button - boom -twenty seconds later - back to E standard....for real. The definition of convenient is "allowing you to do something easily or without trouble." Is the convenience worth the cost? I say, "yes it is."

Tronical Tune Type A
by Albert

Installed very easily and quickly on my 2009 Gibson SG. I love how fast it can take you from one tuning to another. Now I only take this, my acoustic guitar (which I installed the Type H on as well) and a backup to gigs. My backup doesn't have the Tronical Tune yet ... but it will. It's a little on the expensive side - I had to think long and hard to justify spending $299 on a tuner but in the end it was worth every penny.

Tronical Tune Type H
by Albert

I got this for my Taylor guitar and the Type A for my Gibson SG. I use to bring 3 different acoustics to a gig each tuned to a different tuning. Now I bring one and it tunes very quickly and accurately. It's a little on the expensive side but in the end it is worth every penny.

Amazing product! Does everything they advertise.
by Bill Clark

I installed the Tronical Tune on my Les Paul Custom and it is great. I ordered the gold tuners and they match up perfectly on my LP. Tuners work great and I can change keys quickly in the middle of a set and then change back. The amount of options is amazing. Quite a product.

Gibson SG
by Sandy Michelsen

Very easy to install. Accurate tunning especially if used on string by string mode. Lock-in feature adds to the tunning stability. Long battery life. No added weight. Easy to use for basic settings.

Perfect addition to Warmoth strat
by Buck T.

Great product, Easy to install!

Got the C1 for my Strat, liked it so bought one for my LP custom
by Jimi W.

Excellent, works great. I bought one for my Strat as well. Perfect for those jerks that tune your guitar after you play it. Battery charge last a long time. Amazing how it works. tunes in seconds in a various tunings. Only wish they had one for my Gretsch.

Great tuning device with multiple tunings
by Joe Mahn

Great tuning device with multiple tunings. Auto tunes in a seconds for multiple tunings, standard and 5 chord tunings, 6 drop tunings and 6 tunings that you can set up (user tunings).

Easy installation and it works!
by JJ Mackey

It took me only about 15 minutes to install, and was very simple. I'm very pleased with the unit, it works great on my Les Paul Standard. It doesn't alter the appearance at all.... I'm probably going to install one on my acoustic as well. Especially because of the alternate tunings. This is a cool way to update your guitar.

Every guitar should be shipped with one.
by Diana W.

Firstly, for all of you who are suspicious, don't be, has performed perfectly in every area. I even modified the head of my guitar a bit, for those who are wondering, it WILL fit on a Cole Clark FL1AC, with very minor mods. My only gripe with it would be that that where the strings go is slightly underdesigned, in that the left pegs should have a left hand thread, right hand on the other

Really neat technology - still has a few obstacles I think
by Tom P

Installed the unit quickly - it really isn't difficult. Read the instructions carefully for the finer points like stringing the guitar - do it exactly as stated (when it says pull the string tight, do that, don't leave slack so you'll get a little more wound around the tuner...). It's really cool what these things do - and has a lot of potential, I like alternate tunings, so I went crazy with it. Two things that I wasn't wild about - 1) didn't find it very accurate on the low E string - had to adjust the sensitivity, which makes it take longer and more strums to tune; and 2) On an acoustic, it's understandably noisy - you can hear the strings changing pitch from the acoustic side - in a coffee shop with people close, it would be a bit unpleasant and twangy. On an electric, or a bigger venue, cutting out the amp would solve that problem quickly. The Tronical people are nice and responsive - when I had a minor issue, they got right on it.

Stellar Product
by Patrick L

The Tronicaltune system is that rare product that works precisely as advertised from the very first time you try it. Such an elegant, compact, well-thought-out, well-engineered design, and best of all, it really works! It is also extremely easy to install, and although the included instructions are quite abbreviated, they (along with the web material)are sufficient to get you up and running quickly (it took me less than 1 hour from opening the package to executing my first tuning on my Taylor T5.) It scores high wow points on the "Gee Whiz" scale and my musician friends are awed by it when they first see it, but even after the initial thrill wears off, it must be understood that this tool is so practical and powerful, eliminating the need for keeping multiple guitars handy on stage simply for the sake of having alternate tunings. It also enables the luxury of playing songs in preferred keys. Yes, I could play Jumpin' Jack Flash in standard tuning as I cannot justify having an extra guitar on stage for a single song, but with the Tronicaltune it's not even a question - an extra ten seconds to re-tune and I don't have to compromise - I can play the song in the preferred key and enjoy playing it even more. It has also been great fun to easily explore tunings I never knew existed or considered trying. I can't say enough good things about this product. The only small qualm I have with the experience has nothing to do with the product itself. American buyers need to understand that there will be a fairly significant duty that will be due when the item is received in the USA - well in excess of the basic shipping fee. Tronicaltune does stipulate this in the pricing information, albeit in tiny type behind asterisks which can easily be overlooked. Transacting with the importer can be a pain as well as it is another link in the supply chain, requiring additional communication and payment arrangements. Again, a small price to pay for the highest quality, but it would be nice to be more prepared for this on the front end.

by mugison

I´ve had it for 1 month now and am still saying.. how the.. what the

A must have
by Michael Aus

The speed and accuracy at which the TronicalTune tunes my guitar is mindblowing. It has saved me hours of time in the studio and reduces tuning time to less than 10 seconds, very handy if you are tuning between every take and blowing half your recording time on tuning. I highly recommend taking up the TronicalTune. It's easy to install, tunes fast and accuratly and has a battery life lasting up to 3 weeks of constant use.

Great Product for 57 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue
by Rocky S.

I have Tronical Tune on three of my guitars. I am glad I waited for this B1 version as the others did not fit my 1957 VOS Les Paul Goldtop. This was perfect. No mods whatsoever- on in about 10 minutes. Tunes in about 10-20 seconds...high E always takes a bit longer, but it is absolutely brilliant. My only beef with the product (all three in fact), is the string locking mechanism. The strings, particularly the wound ones, want to pop off the flange when you screw down the cap. Clearly a design flaw. Curious why this was used, since there are so many other good locking mechanisms. Nonetheless, one can get the job done with some patience. It otherwise does what is says. Its string up mode is incredible (saves you the time you lost on the string locking).

Exactly what was promised
by Mandy

This has been a great purchase. It works as advertised. Simple to put the guitar in tune, with the added benefit of being able to choose many tunings I wouldn't be able to use in a live performance (because it takes too long to retune the guitar). Now it's a snap. Select the tuning, 10-15 seconds later I'm retuned. Very pleased with my purchase.

tronical tune
by muhammad uwais al qarny bin rohizan

the tronical tune make me easy to tune my guitar

by Sidarta Cypriano

It was better than expected! Since ordering via website to the installation and tuning its very simple and works!!! Simple to install, simple to use and I´ve installed in my Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus 2012 without any problems and its working just fine! On some youtube videos you find some guys mentioning that you need to buy a new Guitar that comes already with it.....Bullshit! I just upgraded my 2012 Les Paul without the need of making any new holes or damaging my guitar. 5 Stars!

Completely blown away.
by Ken

It took about 45 minutes to read the instructions, install and restring on my Les Paul. Seeing it in action for the first time left me speechless. I had a minor issue with the charging brick but customer support was top notch and sent a replacement immediately. This is quite possibly the best hardware upgrade I have ever purchased as it's a game changer that eliminates the need to carry 3 guitars to a gig! It won't be long before I have one on all my guitars.

New repertoire!!!
by Steve N.

It took me less than 15 minutes to install. Now, a new repertoire of songs are available to me. I avoided using alternate turnings because it is a pain to chane turnings between songs. Now I push a couple of buttons, strum the six strings, then strum strings 1 and 2, and play in another tuning. This one's on my LP, next ones are on my Taylor and Strat.

Great product...only one flaw
by Paul Haluska

I am the owner of several TronicalTune systems for my guitars. Was very excited when I learned it was available for my Gretsch Country Gentleman! Like with all TronicalTune systems, it was easy to install. The hardest part was actually removing the existing bushings, many of which were 'lacquered' in. No fault of this product, of course. It stringed up and tuned like a dream. My only pet peeve of this product, as with all of the TronicalTune systems I have on my guitars, as the locking system. It is unnecessarily difficult to wrap and lock the strings, particularly the lower, wound strings. The low E string will slip if you don't get it cranked down just right. This really needs to be improved, particularly since there much more straight forward locking pin type designs that are easy. Nonetheless, it gets the job done eventually and once your strings are locked in, its a wonderful thing....

Great Product!
by Brian B

I'm a performing guitarist that uses several alternate tunings. This device will save me time and hauling several guitars to gigs! I installed the unit on a Yamaha APX 10T. It took a little adjusting of the holes in the headstock to get the unit in, but not much. System performs very well for basic tuning. Having a little trouble getting back to a standard tuning from DADDAD, but I haven't adjusted the "speed vs. accuracy" settings yet. First live gig with the band this weekend, so we'll see how the unit performs.

by Lecointe Damien

Installé sur une Guitare acoustique Folk Jumbo Dorado, j'ai du ajusté un peu le diamètre des trous de mécanique et tout fonctionne parfaitement . C'est le quatrième que j'achète pour équiper chacune de mes guitares, ce site est très sérieux et la livraison a été très rapide. je recommande .

by Dieter

Die Dokumentationen und im Maßstab 1:1 ausdruckbaren Vorlagen um vor dem Kauf an die eigene Klampfe mal "dranzuhalten" und gucken ob's paßt - einfach perfekt! Das Lesen der Anleitung macht schon Laune, da einfach an alles gedacht wurde. Kompakte Hardware, daß nichts übersteht, wenige Tasten und Anzeigen aber trotzdem übersichtlich zu bedienen. Hatte mich beim Stöbern auf der Homepage schon gefragt, wie denn die Servos versorgt werden aber das ist mit den Kontakten auf der Platine genial gelöst. Kein Kabel, kein nix und einfach selber zu montieren! Nur die 10 Minuten Umbauzeit, die da in einem Bericht auf Eurer Seite genannt werden, konnte ich nicht halten. Das hat schon deutlich länger gedauert! Größtes Problem dabei war das Rechtsgewinde der Muttern ("Lock Nut") um die Saiten festzuklemmen. Dadurch wurden die Saiten beim Anziehen wieder herausgeschoben. Ein Linksgewinde hätte die Saite gegen den Uhrzeigersinn schon mal in die "Spannrichtung mitgezogen". Eine optische Kleinigkeit (ohne kleinlich wirken zu wollen): Meine Originalmuttern und Unterlagscheiben zur Befestigung der Spannschrauben waren hochglanzpoliert. Da wären dementsprechende Mütterchen beim TT schon schön gewesen. Aber letztendlich hat der Umbau geklappt und es funktioniert absolut spitze. Eine geniale Idee und perfekt umgesetzt!!! Wenn Ihr nun noch die Buchhaltung auf Trab bringt mal öfters in den Kontoauszug zu schauen und die Ware zeitig raushaut, dann gibt's auch noch 'nen 6. Stern... ;-)

Fun to play with and cheaper than a 24-7-365 guitar tech
by Palle

pros: - you always know where your tuner is - tuning is fast compared to manual tuning - the ability to change overall tuning on the fly provide hours of fun, inspiration and challenges cons: - by hand the tuners must be turned the opposite way of normal tuners - when using a floating tremolo guitar, tuning one string affects the others strings, so be prepared to tune more than once (or do what I did and install a tremolo stabilizer like the Göldo Back Box) For additional information and alternative products lookup - the US to EU power plug adapter for the battery charger is potentially unsafe for nosy children

That´s what I cal "tuned"
by Holger

Easy to attach even I had to modify a bit the holes. At the end it´s fun fun fun to tune the guitar....

A Revelation
by StykkyD

This system allows rapid re-tuning between songs, handy if there's been a lot of thrashing and/or bending going on, without it becoming a mood-killing chore. Playing sunny outside events has always presented the problem of not being able to see the tuner LEDs on the pedalboard - no more! Plus, alternate tunings can be used without reaching for another guitar. Minor niggle, would like to see better quality plating on the topside hardware, and a larger knurled locking nut, to avoid having to use a coin.

Absolut Genial !!!
by Angus Dersim

Habe mir das Type C System für meine Epiphone explorer bestellt da es zu der Zeit noch nicht die Explorer Version gab. Klar- ich habe die Bohrlöcher in die Länge feilen müssen damits auch passt - was für mich aber kein Problem war - da es ja ,,nur,, eine Epiphone war. Nach ca 20 min war das System dran- Saiten aufgezogen und fertig ! Bin absolut zufrieden mit der Leistung ! So zufrieden, dass ich mir 4-5 Wochen später das System Type C2 für meine Gibson Explorer bestellt und eingebaut habe ! Absolut Weltklasse Erfindung und Top Qualität sowie auch genialer Support!!!

by Damien

Le TronicalTune Type J monte parfaitement bien sur ma Les Paul Epiphone standart plus. Ce systeme est parfait et d'une simplicité d'installation et d'utilisation. Comme beaucoup de gadjets il n'est pas indispenssable mais quand on y a gouté on ne sait plus s'en passer. Je vais surement equiper aussi mes autres guitares.

It does its magic exactly as seen on the videos
by Antoine

Installing on my Gibson ES-339 (Tronicaltune Type A) was very fast and easy, more than I was expecting. The downloaded templates helped me choose Type A, and it did fit exactly. And now it works. And it works very well. Tuning is a very simple operation with only one button press. But for choosing alternative tunings or doing other operations you need to have the manual with you.

the future of guitaring
by k walton

a great bit of kit which should be a standard issue on all guitars. Very impressed shame it didnt exist 20 years ago!!

tronical self tune
by Marc M.

Fantastic product and I will use on my all guitars

Unglaublich! Aber wahr!
by Peter Stopienski

Eigentlich habe ich dieses C4 System für meine Haar Strat bestellt. Leider bin ich ein ziemlich oberflächlicher Typ und habe die Templates nicht original getreu ausgedruckt. Natürlich passte das System nicht. Die Enttäuschung war erst einmal groß, aber vorhanden. Okay! Check das Teil mal auf einer anderen Strat – eine Vogel Ctc Stratocaster, die ich 1996 direkt auf der Musikmesse gekauft hatte und die gänzlich andere Maße hat. Welch Wunder! Es passte! Wie angegossen! Die Montage des neuen Systems war schnell erledigt, dank des beigelegten Schlüssels. Das Saitenaufziehen gestaltete sich beim ersten Mal, wie es eben beim ersten Mal ist, etwas zeitaufwendig. Man hat ja Angst, etwas falsch zu machen. Der Akku war auch sehr schnell am Ladenetzteil einsatzbereit. Und dann begann die Spielerei – nicht mit der Gitarre, sondern mit dem Tronical System! Ich habe nach der Montage kaum noch gespielt, sondern ständig gestimmt und fand es einfach toll. Das System stimmt die Gitarre super korrekt, was sich natürlich auch klanglich bemerkbar macht. Man hat das Gefühl eine wirklich perfekt gestimmte Gitarre zu spielen und kommt in Versuchung ständig nachzustimmen, um dieses Gefühl zu erhalten.  Aber keine Angst. Das gibt sich wieder. Das Tronical System ist schon beeindruckend! Absolut durchdacht, clever in den Möglichkeiten, akkurat verarbeitet und von Kopflastigkeit verspüre ich nichts. Und wenn doch, dann ignoriere ich es einfach! In die Möglichkeiten, die es bietet bin ich noch nicht eingetaucht. Denn die sind ja mehr als umfassend. Aber das werde ich noch tun (müssen)! Wäre doch schade, wenn nicht. Oder? Die Systeme sind ohne Einschränkung zu empfehlen, erleichtern das Leben ungemein und wenn man es probiert hat, kann man nicht mehr ohne. Deshalb habe ich für meine Haar Strat noch ein System bestellt, das wieder nicht ganz passte. Wieder mein Fehler! Manche lernen es eben nie. Aber die netten Leute von Tronical haben mir unbürokratisch geholfen! Danke! Mittlerweile ist es bereits montiert und ich genieße es, zwei Gitarren mit diesem System zu haben. Fehlt jetzt nur noch meine Akustik! Übrigens eine Ortega Jade 20 (Hinweis für Tronical!) Ich empfehle allen bei Interesse, das Template von der Tronical Homepage 100% bzw. in Originalgröße auszudrucken, auszuschneiden und genau zu messen. Am besten die alten Mechaniken abmontieren und das Template auflegen, um sicher zu gehen, dass es auch wirklich passt. Ansonsten landet man wie ich in der „Warteschleife“. Und das ist unerträglich, wenn man dieses System liebt!!! LG Peter

Good product
by Roger

Really good product but having some problems when tuning the low c string. And isnt all that great when tuning from one tuning to another, have to tune it 2 times sometimes to get it right. But i have it in cgcfgc and i dont think its recommanded to go that low. Works perfect when tuning to drop d so.

Great machine
by Gu de Muñoz

I've just get this new machine. My gibson LP is now upgraded and working perfectly. The great thing is you can try a lot of different tunings in a few minutes. For me this opens horizons when writing music.

It is no joke, it really works!!!
by Pierre

installed one (model P) on my Ibanez musician electric guitar hardtail and it works flawlessly. Easy to install and, once you are used to the interface, very fast to use on the fly. The accuracy is amazing and the tuning is solid with the locking system. Now the problem is that there are not enough templates available to cover a lot popular guitar models. My two acoustic guitars would crave to have one installed but nothing a Boucher guitar or even a banal Guild Gad F130ce... Come on guys When???

by Dennis Barrington

I really like being able to go from Standard to Open D tuning in seconds. The process is easier than it reads from the manual. Do it once and it makes total sense. The only issue I can see is a slight sharpness by a few cents on the tuning of the low E but at that note it's not noticeable to my ears. Maybe this is "fixed" in the plus version? I got this for the Acoustic guitar and it's wonderful. I could see doing this for electric if you routinely drop D, drop 1/2 step and certainly if you go Metal and drop 3 semitones routinely. It fit my Taylor perfectly (The H style), went on quickly, stringing is different but not difficult. It does add weight, which for an acoustic isn't really noticed much, but for a small electric (Music Man?) might make it slightly top heavy, but I don't know this for certain until I get one. Is the price worth it? It was a gift for me, and a very worthy gift. I'd definitely buy this if I were gigging as you can tune much faster with it. Overall, I Highly recommend this product.

Rowdy Bigsby
by Jimmy

I can get as rowdy on my ES-335 Bigsby as I want.... deep whammy action.... turn on the Tronical, strum... back in tune and wailing away. My new best friends are six little robots on the headstock of my favorite guitar! I'm getting at least 3 more of these little magicians.... my Les Paul, Tele and my main acoustic are getting robots as well. Worth every penny! For you purists out there..... there was a day when the purists scoffed at that new fangled "electric" guitar. Welcome to the days when you can try all the alternate tunings you used to avoid. Tronical gets all thumbs up!

Excellent Battery Pack for Tronical System
by Vanessa Craven

I bought an extra battery pack. It is light and works well with the Tronical system. It charges quickly and feels really cool and unobtrusive on my guitar which is a Taylor 714CE

Almost Unbelievable Tuner
by Str@cat

Tronical tuners probably sound unbelievable to you. They would be to me except that I have them on two of my guitars, my LP and my Taylor 814. I push a button or two, strum and watch the machines tune the guitar. Most times I have to pluck one or both of the two high strings a second time. Then the guitar is tuned. Changing tunings requires several button pushes, a strum and a pluck. It usually takes about 15 seconds to change tunings. I don't use the full capabilities of the tuner; I only use 7 of the 24 standard tunings and haven't had to make any custom tunings. Maybe one day I'll develop the skills to use more of the capabilities of this tuner. My first Tropical tuner has been in use for over 5 months on it's first charge. The functionality and quality of these products are almost unbelievable.

Why I Bought This?!
by Str@cat

Okay, I know why; I don't want to turn the machines by hand anymore. The first tuner I bought for my LP is still working on it's first charge for about 5 months. Now I have tuners on 2 guitars and would rather swap out the battery than wait for it to recharge before being able to use the tuner. I'll probably need to recharge that first battery soon...and I'll be ready with the standby.

by Peter Alexander

It's magic and it's the first one and it will revolutionize the Industry. It really does change your whole perspective with alternative tunings and provides ease and endless new possibilities that I never thought were available. I'm now looking for alternative tunings just to explore with enthusiasm rather than dread that a song I like is in alternative tunings.

Works as advertised...
by Tim

As I'm getting older, my hearing isn't what it use to be when I was younger. I had no problems installing this device or using the different functions that are available. I'm having a blast on my Gibson LP with all the alternate tunings that are provided. I'm extremely impressed with this product. Keep up the good work!!

Very well made and does its job!
by Steve Dunn

I have been playing guitar for 45 years and have played live for many of those but I'm not a pro player. On many occasions I've had to carry several guitars to gigs when I wanted the convenience of being able to grab another guitar already tuned to an open tuning for slide guitar work. I bought 2 midi equipped guitars with a synth pedal to allow me to use one guitar with several different tunings available at the push of a button, but these things are hard to program and midi tracking is less than perfect. I'd seen the Tronical Tuners on a Gibson at a local music store in Canada and thought the system was amazing and would definitely suit my needs. I purchased a set online for my US Standard Stratocaster which is my all-round favorite guitar and they arrived very quickly from Germany.I should mention that with the cost plus shipping from Tronical was very acceptable for this product but the exchange rate/import duties/taxes here in Canada made this a very expensive buy. The tunerswere easy to install and are of superb quality. I flew RC models for years and the power of these micro servos is absolutely fantastic. For such small motors the torque is unbelievable. Stringing up was a little tricky as other reviews have indicated. Basically you have to wind the string around the machine head turret and then tighten the lock not to secure it. There is a learning curve to get over with the way the string is wound on initially but nothing that couldn't be overcome and practice will make this easier I'm sure. I did the first stringing manually with a chromatic tuner. I found the motor/gear resistance very high on one or two tuners,. I probably should have used the string wind up feature ! Once everything was set up, I powered it up and the tuning went just fine. My strat vibrato has been set up to be a floating system. It raises the G an Augmented 2nd (3 semi-tones), B - a major second ( 2 semi-tones) and the high E a minor 2nd (1-semi-tone) in the way recommended by Carl Verheyen. I was curious to see if the guitar/Tronical Tuners would keep this set-up in tune and I have to tell you that it does this very well. Surprisingly it will permit and open tuning as well without issues but I have not really used the vibrato arm in open tunings - I don't see much point? I did notice that after a few days in Standard tuning Tronical seemed to have difficulty zeroing in on the tuning for my high E string and it sounded flat? I then checked all my strings with the digital chromatic tuner and this revealed that my low strings were tuned sharp by up to 15 cents on one string which is why the high e sounded flat. I then reviewed the manual again and on page 33, I seemed to find the solution. I went through the process for (re)-calibrating and now everything seems fine. Perhaps I should have read the manual more thoroughly and then I would have done this at the outset but I found the instructions a little ambiguous and it did not seem to call for this at the outset If this is a critical thing, I'm wondering if maybe the instructions should emphasize this nearer the beginning of the manual? All in all this is an amazing product and it is so cool to be able to dial up open G do some Rolling Stones stuff ( Open E was awesome for Gimme Shelter). I'm curious to try the capo setting. Some slide players slip a thin flexible plastic tube or rod under the strings close to the nut to raise the action for slide playing. As this will also affect the tuning, it will be interesting to see if Tronical can adapt to this slight pitch raise and store it as a custom tuning similar to the capo method? All in all, an amazing product so far. Hoping the battery pack performs well.

ES -339 PRO Alternate tunings
by Kent

This is my first TronicalTune and certainly not last ! I bought this one as experiment for my not much used Epiphone ES-339 Pro, I am using for alternate tunings experiments. It was quite annoying to retune especially when I forgot what tuning I was in originally lol. Now its a breeze, slight adjustments in sensitivity and filter and I go crazy with programmed and my custom tunings. I really like Pitch Assistance function when setting new custom tuning. I think next one will be my Godin Session Custom followed by few Strats. Too bad that Godin LGXT board is not available, that would be my first next buy, but headstock on these is asymmetrical so its understandable. Both thumbs up!

Simply brilliant!
by Alex K.

It was easy to install on the Les Paul "Blond Beauty". The owners manual is well written and easy to follow. I am quite satisfied with the results. I did manage to break a string during one tuning process but I know that could have been prevented.

Works Great!
by Dan Leap

Works Great! I need one for each of my Les Paul's!

Saves time, easy to use
by Perry

Outstanding product, easy to install and operate, very accurate, try it you will be satisfied. I installed it on my Gibson hummingbird pro with no issues

Fantastic product, awesome customer service.
by Rand

First of all - this thing is amazing. Installation was pretty easy, but make sure to follow the suggestions on not overtightening. Once you start winding the strings (using the built-in wind-up function), you might allow the unit to slide a bit, as it will want to once there is tension on the strings. Once it has done that, you can then tighten it to specifications. Everyone who sees this in action is amazed - even the non-musicians. So many presets! I love the ability to make your own tunings, even down to slight detuning, as in AC/DC. etc. Now for a few words about this company's customer service department: I ordered this product online, and, being in the U.S., of course, waited for a bit for the items to get delivered (sent from Germany). When I got it, one of the 6 tuners was not working properly. I got on their site, and looked through the FAQs, found nothing. I used their support ticket system, and they responded very quickly, with a couple of things for me to try. I tried these suggestions, but, unfortunately, they did not resolve the issue. I responded to the ticket, and then something unexpected happened: they responded quite quickly, with an order number and tracking information. So basically within one business day, this company resolved my issue to complete satisfaction! The replacement part arrived pretty quickly, and I can't say enough good things about them.

Type H Amazingly Cool
by Michael Hair

This is my second tuner and it is the newer version. I love it even more with the New inhancements. Works better than expected. Change tunings in seconds. Amazingly cool

This is NOT a toy!
by Pete Brown

Works to perfection. The power, speed and accuracy of the tuning machines is unbelievable considering the size of the battery. The amazing musical world of alternate tunings available at the touch of a button. I cant imagine any serious musician not having at least one guitar with the Tronical. If you play slide guitar buy one NOW!!!! If you are a writer you already have one don't you? Best thing to happen to the guitar since strings. Couldn't be more impressed with the quality BRAVO!!!

Fast and Accurate
by Tom

Having fun with my new tuner, still getting used to all of the settings. There is a lot here. Tunes fast and accurate; really does what it says it will do in the videos.

How was it for my Les Paul Custom
by Andrew Rylance

Brilliant not much more to say.

Tronical Tuner Plus
by Nelson C

Excellent tuner for my Epiphone Les Paul. This latest version is much faster than the previous one. When your playing live you don't want to have a lot of down time messing with tuning. This newest version is very quick. I use different tunes to play my songs and this tuner is great for changing tune settings. I highly recommend this product.

Great product!
by B9b

Easy to install, quality materials and workmanship. Playing in so many tunings is a whole new world and my les Paul actually holds the tuning better now. Love the rechargeable battery and have already ordered one for another guitar.

Tronical Plus Rocks
by Rick Rose

I replaced the original Tronical tuners in my Strat with the new Tronical Plus and am amazed at the faster speed in tuning. To be frank, I wasn't that happy with how long it took with the first model. I even resorted to bringing down the accuracy for the sake of getting it close enough. But with the Tronical Plus I've got it set to the highest accuracy and it never takes longer than a few seconds, even when I change tunings. If you have a first edition Gibson Robot like I have, replace all the extra junk with a set of Tronical Plus tuners, Cheaper than repairs and much faster. Loose all the weight of that extra junk plus, more tunings. If you are on the fence about buying, make the jump. You will always be in tune.

Now Own 3 Tronical Sets!
by Pat Liddell

I recently purchased my third Tronical set, this time for an American Standard Telecaster. Obviously, having purchased sets previously for another Tele and for a Taylor acoustic guitar, I'm a fan and a believer in the product. What was noteworthy about this most recent purchase is the price - I paid about 80% MORE (happily, I might add) for my first Tronical (for the Taylor). When I learned the new set for my Tele could be had - including shipping and duties - for under $200 I was delighted, and when it arrived from Hamburg in about three days I was completely floored! I quickly recovered, placed the order, and all has been well since. The ability to quickly change tunings offers obvious facility in a live setting, but it really spurs creativity and interest when practicing, noodling and looking for inspiration. From my first experience with Tronical two years ago I have been left with the impression of a product that works precisely as advertised if simple installation and care instructions are followed. The web site, manual and accompanying support documentation are clear and self-explanatory. Purchasing, installing and using the Tronical system has been a wonderful experience for me all the way around. I could not be happier or more impressed with the product. Bravo! Now if they could just come up with a system for my slot-head Martin...!

Magic tuner
by Yves

It was like magic, Even the workers in music store had a smile on their face when I show them how my guitar auto tune works...

Changes the Way I Approach Playing Guitar
by William

This product is amazing. I no longer must filter songs I play based on what tuning I'm currently in.

Why didn't I buy this years ago??
by Matt

I'd been eyeing off a Tronical system for a while, and I finally got around to getting one for my Telecaster. I'll admit, I was ever so slightly skeptical - i watched all the videos, and it seemed amazing, but I've been burned by overhyped and underwhelming guitar gadgets before. However, all my doubts were firmly laid to rest. It was easy and fast to install. The whole install process took me approximately 15 minutes, and that was with me being cautious and triple-checking the instructions along the way (despite the fact that the instructions were clear and straightforward). I play in two covers bands, we play songs in standard tuning, drop D, E flat, and sometimes all the way down in Drop A. The first time I jammed with the tronical system, it was a revelation. Why had I been bothering with manual tuning all these years? Why had I been annoying audiences with endless retuning breaks between songs all these years?? Even being able to quickly check/adjust tuning IN THE MIDDLE OF A SONG (during a quiet part, of course) is something you can do with this system. I even believe that the tuning accuracy is noticeably better than I would be able to achieve using a tuner pedal. Seriously, if you're a working muso, this *will* change your life. A++. Five out of five stars. Tronical: your system is unreal. Thank you so much. I just wished you had a bulk order discount, I have five other guitars to upgrade now!

nice product great services
by Francois

this is not my first tronical tuner and this is not my last! work great, easy to install and super service from the compagnie.

H model works well on Taylor baritone 6
by Greg H

Well done Tronicals!! I had a problem managing several altered tunings and my preference for using 27" scale acoustic guitars. I move the capo around a lot as well as use many tunings. Effectively capoing at minus-2-fret right up to 9th frets. So I used to have to take at least 2 guitars to gigs and still have a lot of tuning hassles to manage. I bought a second hand 27" scale Taylor Bara 6 and fitted H model tuners. And I use 53-12 gauge strings. Anything thicker is asking for trouble on the low E string. The cutaway on the Taylor means I now have a clean run from way down low up to really high on the fretboard. This rig is just great for live performances plugged in with a PA. One Swiss Army Knife guitar. I took me a while to get used to this system but it works, and works well enough for live performance. I can now switch between various tunings with minimal distraction to the audience. The trick is to always have a capo on the 2nd fret when I tune. And move the capo to where I need it straight after. The tuning usually stays intact and accurate. But I can check it with the Tronicals capo use feature, or just do it manually.

by Bob


2nd Guitar I've Bought These For
by William

It changes the way you approach guitar. I don't have to filter what songs I play based on what tuning I'm in anymore. I bought this product for my acoustic guitar. Loved it so much I bought it for my electric. I can't imagine going back to not having this.

by ericsmusiclive

The Tronical II tuner works just like advertised. While it's amazing to see it tune all the strings at once, I prefer the single string at a time tuning. The string up/down function makes it easy to remove and replace strings and the wrap around and through channel locking system keeps strings in tune. New strings take a little longer to stay in tune, but do so after they stretch. Installation was very easy and the manual with pictures was easy to follow. I purchased this mainly for having instant and accurate tuning at live gigs and the grade on this is "awesome!"

Perfect product, and amazing customer service
by Allen J.

This is my second one, for my 2nd guitar. Installation is quick, and I've loved it ever since so I had to get a second one and if I had the choice of fitting every single guitar I have(12+), then I would not hesitate after my experiences with them. I record music all the time, and am in constant need of different tuning. This helps me rapidly switch between tuning and get my recording done quicker than ever before. The one time I had to contact their support (it was my fault), they acted quick and flawless. Thanks Tronical!

Works great on my acoustic guitar
by Felix

I wasn't sure how well this would work on my 1992 Gibson Gospel re-issue as most people's reviews were for electric guitars, but I am very pleased. Took about an hour to install after reading the instructions. Had a little problem putting the low E string on as it was a 56, so it was a little hard to bend around the tuning peg. The rest of the strings were no problem. Had an issue with one of the tuners, but customer support sent a new one out right away, no questions asked. I play a lot of custom tunings, (William Ackerman, Alex deGrassi songs) and having the Tronical Tune has been great. I used to put off playing certain songs as I didn't want to spend the time to re-tune. Now I just hit the preset and 10 seconds later I am ready to play. Take the time to read the instructions. Took me a few days to be totally comfortable, now I don't even think about it, changing tuning is second nature.

Tronical Tune PLUS - Type J & C (4 sets total)
by Dan, Nate & Justin

As a total noob to guitars, my sons & I upgraded from "Guitar Hero" with "toy" guitars to Rocksmith (RS) using real guitars..... With NO FORMAL musical training, RS got the boys playing full songs reasonably okay after only a few hours... However, my boys were so busy retuning their guitars to match ALL the RS tunings that they spent half their time re-tuning instead of "playing"...... As for me, I just stuck to songs with E Standard A440. I happened across these tuners and bought my first set of tuners and it was SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!! I personally started TRYING more songs in RS now that I did not have to "manually" retune.... I had a few "anal" questions/issues and customer support was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, beyond EXCEPTIONAL!!!! - Thanx Benjamin M.!!!! My boys wanted their own; so we ordered 2 more sets. Both boys LOVE the tuners!!!!! They can even store their own custom tunings to match RS for the various songs that have tunings that are not already a preset.... It is SO EASY that both the 8 & 12 year olds saved their own custom tunings without my help...... After using the tuners for almost a month, we basically stopped using our 4th guitar WITHOUT the Tronical Tuners (TT+).... So, yes, we ordered our FOURTH set... as of this writing.... On each order, shipping to the United States was amazingly FAST!!!!! Installation was straightforward and easy even for a noob, especially after installing the 4th set. As another note, future restringing will be SO EASY!!! This is an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME product, especially if you play A LOT of different tunings..... Now this is not a knock on a purist, there is a lot to be said for a purist..... BUT, if you are an absolute purist, or perhaps ONLY play with 1 tuning; then maybe, just maybe, this might not be a good product match for you.............. As for the rest of us, who enjoy amenities like indoor plumbing..... This product might be a VERY VERY VERY GOOD MATCH you..... ;-) EXCELLENT PRODUCT & EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!

Love it. Totally cool.
by Dave

Using the Tronical system has enabled me to gig with only one axe, which is huge. My band switches from E to Eb twice per night, so being able to hit a button or two to make that happen rather than switching guitars is totally awesome. The tuning process is quick, simple, and very accurate. I am a big big fan. My minor wishlist for improvements: 1) The interface is definitely a little less than straightforward, especially for building/storing/retrieving custom tunings; 2) as others have noted, it's a little slow to find high E at times; 3) I wish there was a simple way to auto tune a single string to a specific pitch. Obscure example - we do exactly one song in Eb with drop D (so Eb goes to Db...) - it would be nice to be able to just detune the low E a whole step without having to access a custom tuning.

An, "A-ha", product, like the wheel, or shovel!!!
by Potosi Pistolero TEXAS

I was skeptical about these, because I thought that they were just more, high tech, junk, that would come and go. My friend bought an LP 50's tribute with one installed.. We were mesmerized. It was like Johnny 5, or R2d2 AND it worked like a charm. Typical, over the top, quality German engineering and construction. The, string up, option is, not only convenient, but just down right fun. So far, I have installed one on one of my LPs, an SG and a tele. Bye-bye tuning pedal. Plus, the audience thinks you're REALLY good when you can tune with no hands. My goal is to have one on all of my guitars. Seriously amazing product.

Perfect fit for you ESP MH Series
by Stefan

This dropped right into my ESP LTD MH-350NT. It was incredibly easy to install and works great. I would put these into more of my guitars if I had to cash, but they are pretty pricey. The only drawback for this particular model is that there is a bit of overhang when you install it onto an ESP headstock, since it is so narrow. What I mean is that you can see the tuner protruding from the side if you are looking at the headstock from the front. It's not by a lot and by no means a dealbreaker. Just something to keep in mind.

by Michael

I change tunings a lot during my practice sessions. With a tremolo, it's difficult to keep the guitar quickly and accurately in tune. With the tronical, I can strum to get all the strings close to tuned, then fine-tune it with single string tuning mode in less than 30 seconds. I can also tweak the tuning between songs with single string tuning mode. The product fit perfectly into the existing machine head slots in my headstock and though the tuners appeared to be much taller prior to installation, once installed they were the perfect height for the string tree and nut.

Nice Trim and Quality Upgrade on my Bedell MBAC-28-G Acoustic!
by RF Sul "Eternal Student"

What can be said of an upgrade that adds A bit of Quality character to an excellent Guitar? I Love the Look and feel of the Pins, and it is part of a "Dual-Upgrade", because with help from Tronical Customer Sales and Support, I also Upgraded this Guitarto a "B-1" Tronical Tune Plus System with Gold Gibson Style Tulip RoboHead Tuners! This makes the Guitar more complete, and now there is no chrome Grovers (saved for a future project?), or Plastic Pins with chrome Dot, just the Gorgeous Gold of these Pins and the RoboHeads. Now, this is the 5th Of my Tronical Tune Plus Outfitted Guitars, and I believe This yields Huge rewards! The Robotic Tuning on a High Quality Acoustic MAKES it scream to be played with all Sorts of Tunings, and String Guages as recommended. Changing Strings takes seconds! Although I sacrificed the most on this Guitar, as it required some Dremel Routing to Get It Just Right, Again, I believe the yield will be greatest! LZIII as an example....Friends, That's The way!

Awesome product. Excellent design and engineering.
by Oli

Works even better than I expected!

Tronical Tuner is a game changer
by Hans

I now have two of my guitars fitted with Tronical Tuners (a Strat and a Gibson SG copy). I play in a band and a lot of our songs require different tuning such as open C, D and E as well as Eflat and drop D. Because the Tronical Tuner tunes all of the strings at the same time once the tuning is done in around 30 seconds it does not require re-tuning as the neck tension has already stabilised. I can now use one guitar for most of our songs and don't have to worry where in the set they are played. The quality of the product is very high and it is also beautifully packed. I have nothing but praise for this tuner and can certainly recommend it.

I must be living in the matrix
by Trev

Firstly it's the most amazing piece of kit money can buy. I have been playing open mic nights for a year or two and wanted to start experimenting with different tuning so when I saw the tronical tune I was totally amazed by how easy it would make it .the only problem is I want a second one now for my other guitar. :-) .

by R James

he hardest part about installation was removing the old winders (not too hard). After that, it went together easily. I have some simple advice - if you're thinking about getting these winder/tuners, just do it. Now, the thought of using a guitar without them is too daunting to contemplate. I can finish a song, press a button, strum all strings, and 5 seconds later re-tuned. I'm frustrated waiting for other guitarists who take a minute to tune. It doesn't sound like much, but it's an eternity when the audience is waiting. Also, make sure you order the right configuration.

Great product
by N/A

Really happy with the Tronical Auto-Tunning system. Works fine, it does the job.

Amazing and easy to use
by Chris L.

The tuner is VERY light and totally hidden, nobody will even see it. VERY easy to install. The Delivery time was fast (about eight days) I live in Arizona. What’s nice about the Tronical Tuner is you can KEEP your guitar “tweaked” easily. Let’s face it, the difficulty about alternate tunings is the hassle....not any more. Extremely fun playing alternate tunings like DADGAD, or quickly tuning for Led Zeppelin’s Rain Song. Check out some of the variety of alternate tuning sites on the internet. There are a whole bunch of settings and alternate tunings included with the Tronical Tuner. Calibration, accuracy, everything you pretty much want. (I only wish they had a way of lowering a favorite tuning one half step all at once.) Always fun to just casually play for some friends and watch everybody’s eyes when they see tuning pegs twirl! Create your own settings, I use a special tuning for my Taylor 814CE which is a balanced tempered tuning. But, sometimes I switch back to standard "E" tuning for other songs. Quick and easy. A word of caution, don’t go overboard and make too many “big change” tunings on old strings, you’ll break some strings. However it’s very easy to change strings.

by N/A

This thing works. You should get it.

by N/A

This is not the 1st. nor will it be the last Tronical Tune I purchase. I currently have four (4) of my guitars outfitted with either the Tronical Tunes or the Tronical Tune Pluses. Installations for the most part were a "cinch", with the hardest part being the template measurements prior to purchase. Just be sure to print at full size and "measure twice, cut once" (so to speak!). Having the ability to go back and forth between multiple tunings in seconds rather than minutes or through the use of multiple guitars can really open up your sound, and should no longer be considered al uxury.

More than just "pretty cool"
by Alex

I have had my tuner for about a month now and I love it. Its obviously helpful for swithching back and forth between common tunings like DADGAD and standard but I also have found myself messing around with other tunings i would have otherwise never spent the time figuring out. Aside from the ease and speed of switching between tunings I have found the tuner itself is flawlessly accurate. If I tune through my pedal to double check I have never had the tronical tune come up short. in summary its a really fun product that will get you playing the guitar more and in new ways. Highly recommend

Saving up to ourfit all of my guitars!
by Derek D

I ordered it and got it in 4 days here in SC. I would have received it sooner but a storm kept FedEx from being able to arrive on a scheduled time. Installation took a few minutes. I installed it on a Taylor 214ce DLX with ease. Even after reading directions, I was still confused how much string I should wrap around the machine heads, so have the strings a quarter inch slack. The machine heads would trip and couldn't tune the guitar correctly. So I made do for a few days and tunes it myself. (Also, charge the battery right when you get it. ) So I restrung again, pulled the guitar string tightly around the wonders with no slack, and the guitar tuned up no problem. It took a little finagling through the device to figure out how to string up and string down (even if I followed the directions exactly, the device didn't always do what they said it would do.) it took me in totally about an hour to truly figure out how the device works in its entirety. The battery lasts a long time and does a lot of charges. The wonders hold the guitar in tune pretty well and just a button push and a strum can fix that. At $199, I am very much wanting to grab a few more sets and install them on all of my guitars from 2 other Taylor's, strat, Gibson ES-335. I've been playing guitar for 15 years. I know how to tune a guitar, but the conscience is just too much to pass up. I play acoustic gigs and once I get another set for my other Taylor, I can easily switch guitars and set up alternate tunings between them which really opens up the options. It's an amazing piece of gear!

Type H fits Taylor 712 perfectly
by Clint Loan

A godsend for those of us that like to play in several alternate tunings. Installation was a breeze, and took me about 40 minutes, If I should ever lose my mind, and want to return to using the stock tuners, you would never know that a switch had taken place because there is no drilling involved, and installation is completely noninvasive. The tuning is fast and accurate as described. My only grievance is that there is no model to fit my Martins yet. Please hurry!!!

Awesome Product
by Crutchfield

I installed this product in about 30 minutes. It was a perfect fit for my Epiphone Blackback (Les Paul). Charged the battery and was in perfect tune. The ability to change tunings is SO easy. When the "robot" guitars from Gibson came out I wanted one. Now, I have the equivalent. Some have stated their tuner didn't work...or failed. Maybe. But mine has already done a hundred tunings without a problem. I suspect they may have put the electronics on too tight and caused a problem. Just a guess.

Very good
by 9978

Fast and stable good parts.

Tronical is magnificent
by David Stewart

I have now installed Tronical Tune on a Fender Contemporary Stratocaster, a Line 6 Variax JTV-89, and a Taylor 414. Obviously I like it. It is so nice to have push-button tuning--and in just about any tuning I could want. The system installs easily, and it tunes quickly and very accurately. I now am disappointed when I use one of my guitars that doesn't have Tronical (my basses, my 12-string, my ukuleles, and an electric that doesn't have a compatible headstock). It is hands down the best add-on guitar technology I have used. Get it! You won't regret it.

An outstanding much improved product!
by Bob

I don't know where to start my experience with the tronical system and the company has been excellent. Right off the bat I expressed some concerns with protecting my purchase because it was out of the country. Not only did tronical respond immediately to my concerns but they got my custom order from Germany to the Northeast United States in two days! The install was a snap on my Stratocaster and I was playing in alternate tunings within an hour of receiving the product. I did a lot of research before I bought this system and had talked with people who had bought a prior generation of the tronical system. It seems like the major complaints or that you could not tune in a noisy environment. I have had my tronical tuners now for about 2 months and have played quite a few shows and rehearsals with it and I can say there are no issues with tuning no matter how noisy the environment. One of my other concerns were that the intonation of the bridge would not hold going from tuning to tuning. I can say that is not an issue either. Being a left-handed player I longed for a time when I could play in different tunings without carrying four or five guitars with me. I sent letters and emails to the company that makes the Variax almost begging them to release a left-handed model with no success. They ignored me and never even sent a reply. The tronical system has been a godsend to me and I am not even using hyperbole.

Excellent spare unit
by N/A

Used for backup. Pretty much OK. It's a battery :-)

by David Gervasi

I have the H model installed on both a Taylor T5 and a Taylor 514, and I use several alternate tunings. Between the stock tunings and the custom tuning capabilities, this makes tuning quickly extremely quick and easy. I have also discovered some "new to me" tunings that have allowed me to further explore sounds and chord forms for inspiration and writing new.compositions. Installation was a breeze, battery life is great, and setup and programming has been easy as well.

Simply to install and effective
by Alex

It was east to install. Easy to learn to use. The ability to create custom tunings is great. Great to be able to go from an open tuning, to a custom tuning in a flash then to standard in a flash. Also Eb to standard. It is fun to be able to call up DADGAD and then open G and then open D and then something crazy like FADGBC.

Tronical Plus Type A
by Mike

Fantastic products and instructions. Just got back into playing after 32 years. Bought a Type A and Type G. Easy to install (the type G required slight modification to 4 of the headstock holes).

Excellent product
by Mark Stringer

I have a Tronical Tune on a Gibson LG2 American Eagle and one on a Vintage J45. I like them for experimenting with alternate tunings. Quickly and accurately changes the tuning.

Excellent product
by N/A

Great product, hours of fun and accurately tunes in second.

Major time saver
by Murphy

I put this on my 2016 les paul studio faded which i had put a bigsby on and it is quite helpful it only takes a few seconds to get it back in tune after i use the bigsby. In my experience it does sometimes have a little trouble with the high e string but not much just keep strumming it and it gets it in a few seconds. I would definitely recommend it for players who use tremolos often as it saves a lot of time on stage.

Tronical is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 108 user reviews.