Christofer Johnssonn

Band: Therion; Luciferian Light Orchestra
Instrument: Gibson Flying V – TronicalTune Type V

About: In his young age Christofer showed love and passion for music. During 1987, at the age of 15, he bought his first bass and he formed Therion some months later. The following year he changed to guitar.

Therion has now, almost 30 years later, released 15 studio albums and toured more than 50 countries. The biggest landmarks of the band are often said to be the album ”Theli” in 1996, which invented the new music style opera metal, and ”Vovin” (1998) which was Christofer’s solo album, but released under the name Therion. In 2004 the double release Lemuria and Sirius B was revealed, featuring a massive amount of 171 different musicians and singers.

2012 he shocked many of his fans by celebrating the bands 25 year anniversary by making a cover album entierly consisting of female french pop songs from the 60’s and the 70’s.

2014 he formed a retro sounding project called Luciferian Light Orchestra.
He owns and runs the Adulruna record label which was found 2012.


Christofer about Tronical

“For quickly getting back in tune on stage when needed, this system is very valuable. But having a lot of different tunings like Therion does (E, Eb, Drop-D on one guitar, C# and C, B on another), this system is a true gem both when the guitar tech has to retune or when I do it my self discrete in the background during an intro or while a singer make some introduction. It’s very reliable and once you get used to it, it’s hard to imagine playing without it.”

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