Douglas Blair

Band: W.A.S.P.!
Instrument: Crimson Oath Alumi-Tele

About: “I’m very excited to opening our summer festivals and fall tour shows with a beautiful new TronicalTune PLUS-equipped Alumi-Tele guitar by Crimson Oath(SE). The system works flawlessly, allowing me to play in 2 different tunings during our show. I’ve dreamt of this day!”

Douglas back in the days on using his very first TronicalTune:

“I’ve been playing my Blair Mutant Twin acoustic/electric double neck for 24 years: it got me the gig in W.A.S.P.! The TronicalTune set-up is a dream come true, and was installed on the Mutant’s acoustic neck in 15 minutes! Nothing can compare to how I’ll now be able to perform the many songs I’ve written in open/altered tunings upon it — having the beautiful open acoustic chords and shapes, while retaining standard tuning on the electric neck for searing leads! Thanks, Chris — you’re a genius!”

W.A.S.P. is a legendary Los Angeles, US-based quartet formed in 1984 with international hits including “Wild Child”, “Blind In Texas” and “The Real Me”. Douglas has been a member twice — from 1992-94 and 2006 to present — appearing on 2007’s “Dominator”, 2009’s “Babylon” and the upcoming “Golgotha”. He uses customized ESP(US) and Crimson Oath(SE) guitars, Fractal Audio amplification, and SKB cases, along with custom-designed Blair “Mutant Twin” double neck guitars, and “GuitarCross” paired-stringed instruments. This bi-continental guitarist operates in both USA and Europe, adapting the TronicalTune system for various stage applications. He has collaborated with the Stockholm/Los Angeles-based “Dreams In The Witch House” rock opera project, as well as Hamburg, DE’s “Lord Of The Lost” on recent recordings and performances.

Photography c. 2015 by Ronny Zeisberg/Wieglas

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