Greg Johnson


Every generation or so there come’s an invention that’s so undeniable that it changes the way we think about things. The Tronical tune is one of these things and in the not so distant future it will be harder to find a guitar without one than with.”

Formed in Murrieta, California, the band On Being Human is made up of Travis Baker, Beau Trembly, Greg Lesondak, Gustin Flaig and Greg Johnson. Their new EP “eVe” was released in January 2013. Building more upon their electronic and orchestral influences the band combines the traditional hard rock formula to create a sub-genre they entitle “Adventure Rock”. “eVe” along with it’s LP counterpart “In Search of Adam” (Set for fall 2013) was self-produced by the band and tracked partially at Alchemy Studios in Murrieta, California. Both new releases were executive produced by Innovation Films.

In 2009 after living in Germany for seven months, writing their debut album, the band returned to the States and released “To Light the Coals of Hearts”. Hot Topic took notice and selected On Being Human as their “Unsigned Band of the Month” in July 2011. On Being Human also double as composers and have their music and orchestral compositions featured in films (The Package Vol. 1, Lockdown: Red Moon Escape), television (Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel) and video games (Rocket Racing League, AMBL, Galactic Bowling, Top Hand Rodeo Tour), as well as several other international documentaries and commercials. In Late 2012 the band was invited out to Doha, Qatar where they had their music featured in four films produced by Innovation Films that all premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival where Innovation Films is based.

The band continues to work our their follow LP “In Search of Adam” as well as scoring films, television and video games.

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