Jude Gold

Band: Jefferson Starship
Instrument: Fender Stratocaster / TronicalTune Type C

About: The guitar has led JUDE GOLD all over the world. JUDE has performed and recorded countless genres of music — psychedelic rock with Hall-of-Fame band JEFFERSON STARSHIP, deep house with globally-renowned DJ MIGUEL MIGS, epic jam-band rock with JGB (formerly the JERRY GARCIA BAND), mainstream country with Hollywood/Broadway starlet KRISTIN CHENOWETH, classic rock with EDDIE MONEY, hardcore hip hop with 2 LIVE CREW, modern orchestral with composer ANTHONY P. DeRITIS and the OAKLAND SYMPHONY, experimental techno with DJ SPOOKY, modern rock with Grammy-nominated singer CATHY RICHARDSON, prog rock with GREG HOWE, L.A-style ska with Fishbone frontman ANGELO MOORE, West African high life with Afro-pop legend KING SONNY OKOSUN, solo guitar on the soundtrack to Academy-award-nominated film DAUGHTER FROM DANANG, jazz-fusion with BASS virtuoso JEFF BERLIN, adventure rock with bass ninjas BILLY SHEEHAN and STUART HAMM, and modern instrumental with guitar star GRETCHEN MENN — in a wide range of countries, including India, Scotland, Thailand, Holland, Israel, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Canada, England, Mexico, and America.

JUDE is also experienced at performing live on national television, having played lead guitar on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, HOLLYWOOD EXTRA, CNN’s PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT, the AMERICAN COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS and WGN CHICAGO’s national morning show.

JUDE is also a devoted guitar journalist, having been an editor for GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE since 2001, where he has written hundreds of articles, lessons, and gear reviews, including cover story interviews with SLASH, BRAD PAISLEY, PAT METHENY, JOHN PETRUCCI, GUTHRIE GOVAN, JOHN 5, BRENDON SMALL, NEAL SCHON, and others.

JUDE is also a devoted guitar educator. For nearly four years, he was DIRECTOR and CHAIR of THE GUITAR PROGRAM at MUSICIANS INSTITUTE (aka GIT), the Hollywood, California music college where he still teaches.

JUDE is known for his signature “full-contact” slap-guitar style, which you can sample by watching his acclaimed debut music video, “FUNKYTOWN.”

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