Kangto Lee

Band: Vassline
Instrument: Gibson Les Paul

About: “When I use it on stage, it’s really easy to tune and fast. I can get enough rest than before. It’s very stable, so I can concentrate on my playing and get a better result for recording as well.” – Kangto Lee

 Kangto Lee / Vassline, Day of Mourning
He is the guitarist in “Vassline” and “Day of Mourning” which are most popular Heavy Metal Bands in South Korea.

Formed in 1996, two teenagers with passion for playing music, Shin(Vocals) and Bluce(Bass), gathered and played major rock and metal band covers. Later they established remarkable footsteps in Korean metal/hardcore history by winning 2005 Korean Music Award with their 2nd Full-length album. They cite their spiritual roots in hardcore and musical influences from metal.

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