Kyle Keiderling

Band: Mona Lisa Overdrive

About: “The Tronical Tune system is a real game changer! This makes tuning, and experimenting with alternate tunings, 10X easier and faster! Now I can use my main guitars on more songs in a set, with half the guitar swapping. Smartest guitar product to come along since the guitar itself”.

Mona Lisa Overdrive,aka “MLO”, is a  modern rock band based out of LA and Las Vegas . With a gripping new mix of Modern Rock and Industrial Electronica ,”MLO” finds a perfect balance between sharp hooks, deep reflective lyrics,beautifully atmospheric melodies, and edgy guitar riff driven soundscapes. Prior to the addition of drummer Nicco Villalobos, the two principle members, (Odyssey and Kyle Keiderling) started their collaborative journey with a song written in 2004 for the Sega USA game, [Shadow the Hedgehog]. The track “Chosen One”, originaly released under the band name “A2”, has since become a game soundtrack cult classic, all over the web , and has provided MLO with a seriously dedicated YouTube following.

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