Paul Pesco

Band: Jennifer Lopez, Hall&Oates
Instrument: Taylor 514CE and 814CE / Type H

About: “The future is now! I always imagined that it was possible!!! I love showing people the Tronical tuners in action for the first time, and watching their reaction to what they’re seeing: First comes disbelief,  then comes realization.  After picking their jaw up off of the floor, they usually will ask me to: “wait a minute! Do that again!” They are simple to install and use. I feel that Tronical Tuners enhance the quality of my instruments.  And the slight added mass at the headstock, which doesn’t seem to add any weight, perceptibly improves the tone and sustain. Especially on my Taylor 914ce acoustic! (Which I already love. Now I love it even more!!!)”

Thank you, Tronical!!!


Paul Pesco (born May 13, 1959) is a EuroAsian American studio guitarist, singer-songwriter, film composer and record producer.

He is best known for his role as the lead guitarist and musical director of the rock and soul duo Hall and Oates whose hits include  “Rich Girl” and “You Make My Dreams Come True”. H&O are cited, by the RIAA, as the most successful pop duo of all time, with more top ten hits than any other pop duo in history.

He has also performed the same role for Daryl Hall’s successful reality music television program, “Live From Daryl’s House”.

Paul joined Hall and Oates in 1996 for the recording sessions and tour for the “Marigold Sky” album.

H&O were aware of Pesco because of his studio track record with the innovative techno funk group, The System, and also his prolific work with many other artists.

Initially, that led to Paul playing guitar on their “Ooh Yeah” album in 1988.

He stayed with the band until 2001, when he was offered to be musical director and guitarist for Jennifer Lopez, for her promotional tour and  NBC music special.

Paul had worked with J-Lo in the studio, playing guitar on the song, “Play”, from her second album “J-Lo”.

In late 2002, he joined the house band for the “Wayne Brady Show” morning talk show on ABC.

Around that same time, he worked on several film soundtracks including, “Around The Bend”, “Be Cool”, the Oscar winning animated film “Happy Feet” and “Robots” with composer John Powell, also, the “Brando” documentary, and the comedic short film, “Basta Pasta” with composer Andrea Morricone.

Paul has also composed for, and performed on the soundtracks for films, such as, “Roxanne”, “Earth Girls Are Easy”, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, “Encino Man”, “Wild Orchid”,”Coming To America”, “Fried Green Tomatoes”, “Boca”, and “Tap”.

In 2005, Paul co-composed the musical score for the award winning documentary film “The Canary Effect”, with director, Robin Davey.

In 2010, Pesco rejoined Hall and Oates upon the untimely passing of Tom “T-Bone” Wolk.

Paul has also recorded and toured with, Madonna (the first album, songs “Lucky Star” and  “Burning Up” and The Virgin Tour in 1985, also the Erotica album and subsequent The Girlie Show tour in 1993).

He also played guitar on the demos that initially secured her recording contract with Sire Records in the early 1980’s, which has since been released as the “PreMadonna” album.

In 1986, Paul played on Steve Winwood’s Grammy Award winning “Back In Highlife” (song “The Finer Things”) album and tour.

In 1991, Pesco joined the massively successful C&C Music Factory. Creating the guitar parts for “Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)”, “Things That Make You Go Hmm…” among many other songs.

Paul has recorded and toured with Joan Baez.

He is a member and co-producer of  the John Blackwell Project.(4ever Jia album)

He isalso a member of drummer Dave Weckl’s group. (Multiplicity album)

Paul endorses John Suhr guitars, amps and pedals, as well as, Taylor acoustic guitars, Seymour Duncan Pickups, DR Strings,  Line 6 digital effects,  Fishman Pickups, Tronical Tuners, Daking Designs, Empirical Labs, QSC and PreSonus StudioLive

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