Band: N.EX.T
Instrument: James Kim Yamaha Signature

About: “Tronical Tuning System is a must have for any stringed instrument player! Life can have some distinctions, the TronicalTune can be one of them!”

In any conditions in the studio, on stage, in lectures, or even when just relaxing and spending the time with your instrument, it is always  much better to be in tune! Sometimes, some instruments take more time to be in perfect tune than others, and it can be frustrating & impolite to be tuning your guitar in front of your audience!

Backstage temperature and humidity is usually different from when a performer is on stage especially during the hot summer when the dressing room has air conditioning. bad news for staying in tune, but not anymore turn the TronicalTune on, then strum away & that’s it!  GREAT TO BE BACK, IN TUNE AGAIN!


James (Se-Hwang) debuted in 1991 and has released over 14 albums as a solo artist, a member of N.EX.T and Novasonic.

James has recorded over 1,000 songs and had been performing for over 20 years with people such as Steve Vai, Scott Henderson, Guthrie Govan, Martin Taylor, Stuart Hamm, Vinnie Moore, Loudness, I Musici, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many more.

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