Sungha Jung

Band: Sungha Jung
Instrument: Lakewood

About: I’m using various tunings when I play. So, I had needed to change the guitar at the concert. With Tronical Tune, I don’t have to change my guitar at the stage anymore. It’s perfect for finger style musician like me. Very stable, comfortable, and easy to use. Thank you for the incredible work!

Born September 2, 1996 in Korea, Sungha Jung began playing the guitar at the age of 10 and learned his guitar skills solely from watching other musicians on the Internet. His own Youtube channel has now garnered over 1 billion views with 3.3 million subscribers since the opening in 2006. The phenomenal response made Sungha Jung one of the most sought-after young musicians in the world, leading him to perform at countless music festivals and prestigious events. Now 18, he is a professional recording artist with 6 full-length studio albums, touring in numerous countries every year all over Asia, America and Europe.

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