Tiffany Vicky Chan

Band: Tiffany Vicky Chan
Instrument: Gibson Hummingbird

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Tiffany Vicky Chan (陳蔚琦) is a 20-year old Hong Kong independent singer/songwriter. She is now studying at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA majoring in Songwriting.

As an honors student at Berklee, Tiffany is awarded the Student Achievement Scholarship for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15. In addition, the BMI Foundation announced in September 2013 that Tiffany has won the third place of the 16th Annual John Lennon Scholarship for her original Lost and Found. Tiffany is so honored to be the first foreign student to ever win the Scholarship.

Tiffany has strong passion in music since her early childhood and was admitted to the Junior Music Course of the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts(HKAPA) at 11 on trumpet. Despite being classically trained, Tiffany showed interests in pop music at high school and formed a fusion band with her schoolmates to play pop songs re-arranged by herself. Determined to become a singer/songwriter, Tiffany formed her own music production company, Electone Music Limited, on her 18th birthday, just months before the release of her debut EP Rockertude in July 2012. Her second EP A Token of Memories was released this August. She is the producer as well as the writer of all the songs in her EPs. Tiffany writes pop rock songs mostly about her personal experiences and dreams. Music videos of her songs could also be viewed on YouTube.

Tiffany has a broad audience base. Her EP <Rockertude> has been ranked the Top 100 Canto Pop album for 3 consecutive months on KKBox Taiwan with《夏日悠想》(Summer Song) ranked 14th on the Canto Pop Single chart. Also, Tiffany’s songs have been recommended by Oliver, the CEO of Black Market Music Production and the founder of Taiwan Calling Festival. Her original “How Come” was ranked no. 4 on Taiwan StreetVoice chart. In addition, her song《夏日悠想》 MV has more than 9,600 viewership. Her 2014 new original 《在那片星空》(This Sky) was released a few weeks ago and was on the top 20 hit songs list of of the most popular music websites in China)for more than a week.


In the last two years, Tiffany has held two solo concerts in Hong Kong. In 2013, she had also performed in several live gigs including the reputable 2013 Gongliao International Rock Festival in Taiwan(the only non-record label Hong Kong singer to perform in the festiva), StreetVoice HK The next Big Thing and HK IFPI LiveTube July Concert.

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