Hailing from three different continents and converging in Hamburg northern Germany, “trailerparksex” is a versatile concoction of music styles and artists personalities, known and cherished not only for their music but also for their unique way of work.

Starting off as a two piece studio band in 2009, drummer Lea Swetlana and singer/guitarist Juan Gracia soon armed themselves with a full band to perform their first record “Now or Fucking Never” live all across Europe. The first permanent addition was bass player Roman Karius who joined 2011 and participated in the recording 2012’s “Struggle”, followed by guitarists Emily Casey and Nicholas Reddmann, who joined the band after their 2013’s american tour.

The band started 2014 with “Transatlantic” and now most recently “From Below” is their soon to be revealed new output.

Their music staying as eclectic as ever, also seems to be moving forward from post hardcore to more melodic sorts of alternative metal, djent and rock.

All across their four and a half years of existence TPS has been absolutely self managed and self made, booking to touring, recording to video shooting, artwork to merchandise.

One of the greatest plans of the band for the upcoming 2015 besides the release of “from below” is to tour Australia for the first time and visit the Americas for the second time.

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