TronicalTune PLUS Set Type C Gold Tulip

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TronicalTune PLUS Set Type C Gold Tulip

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Love it. Totally cool.
Using the Tronical system has enabled me to gig with only one axe, which is huge. My band switches from E to Eb twice per night, so being able to hit a button or two to make that happen rather than switching guitars is totally awesome. The tuning process is quick, simple, and very accurate. I am a big big fan.

My minor wishlist for improvements: 1) The interface is definitely a little less than straightforward, especially for building/storing/retrieving custom tunings; 2) as others have noted, it's a little slow to find high E at times; 3) I wish there was a simple way to auto tune a single string to a specific pitch. Obscure example - we do exactly one song in Eb with drop D (so Eb goes to Db...) - it would be nice to be able to just detune the low E a whole step without having to access a custom tuning.
Review by Dave

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